Pharmacy In Your Kitchen offers inspiration, recipes, and lifestyle suggestions that promote eating the way your body was designed to be nourished. The food you eat can either help your body fight disease or contribute to disease. My goal is to have you embrace the opportunity you have in your kitchen to nourish yourself with every bite you take.  

Pharmacy In Your Kitchen is the inspiration of a Registered Pharmacist and cancer survivor who is certified in Plant-Based Nutrition. My education, experiences and training will equip you with a lifestyle that can help keep your body healthy and disease free. Join me as we uncover the healing power of the pharmacy in YOUR kitchen.





My journey has uniquely prepared me to help you embrace the power food has on your health. My cooking skills, pharmacist background, cancer diagnosis, and plant-based knowledge are the pillars of a culinary pharmacy mindset that I would like to share with you. Join me, as you begin to think of food differently and discover the philosophy of not just eating but nourishing your body.



Nutritional Training 101

Nutritional Consultation (1.5 hrs)
Pantry and Refrigerator Assessment (1.5 hrs)
Navigating The Grocery Store (1.5 hrs)
Total Cost: $350

A lifestyle change is best accomplished by integrating the information into multiple real-life situations. To ensure your best success, my introductory package includes three sessions. The Nutritional Consultation, typically done in my home, provides the background information and suggestions for the  nutritional changes that should be made.  The second session is a Pantry and Refrigerator Assessment done in your home and applies what you have learned during your consultation. Finally, the third session puts all this knowledge to use as you Navigate The Grocery Store and compare the nutritional value of foods available to you, the now informed consumer. 

add-on services

Culinary Pharmacy Cooking Lesson ($90/hr plus cost of ingredients)
Additional Nutritional Counseling ($90/hr)

Speaking Engagements

Group Speaking Engagements ($100/hr plus expenses)

I had the privilege of enjoying an evening with Cheryl sharing her insight about the pharmacy we have in our own kitchens. While sampling delicious food and hearing some simple steps to embrace the healing nature of whole nutritious food I was inspired, empowered and equipped to explore a more wholistic approach to health and wellness.
— Sandra
The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it.
— hippocrates


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”